Fee of pay service and payment

Fee of pay service and payment

Registration to the Dating Cupid is free.
However, in order to utilize various services for encounters such as chat among members, it is necessary to   become Super Powers (Paid member).

You can use the following services at Super Powers (Paid members).


Chat with popular users

Invisible mode

Special Delivery

Extended Search



Charge for members are shown below

 Women's member

Indefinitely registered members JPY 10

Members must show the identification card to be confirmed “under 18 years old” at registration in such a dating site under Japanese regulation.
However in our site, instead of showing the identification card, we utilize Paypal because people under 18 years old can’t use it.
Then we ask women’s member to pay only JPY10 (about $0.1) to become permanent members to confirm over 18 years old. 

 Men’s member

30 days    JPY 1,500 ($15 as $1 = JPY100)
90 days    JPY 3,800 ($38 as $1 = JPY100)
180 days  JPY 6,300 ($63 as $1 = JPY100)

It will be automatically extended at the end of the deadline.

About payment

Please pay all payment with Paypal.
Payment destination merchant name in Paypal payment notification will be "THE BESTWAY".
Paypal's payment account name and registered member name must be the same.

Please open Paypal's account from the link below.


About payment and confirmation of the age of the member

For Dating Cupid, members must be at least 18 years old.
Paypal's payment account must be at least 18 years old and can not be opened
Dating Cupid can be paid by members by paying in Paypal account in member's name
Confirm that the member is 18 years old or older.

About suspension and withdrawal procedure of Paypal automatic settlement
Male members will be set up automatic payment at the end of membership due date at the initial payment in Paypal.
If you stop at the end of the deadline please stop payment automatic payment at Paypal's account before the due date.
If a male member withdraws before the membership deadline, the membership fee corresponding to the remaining period will not be refunded at all. When you unsubscribe please stop the above automatic settlement

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